Could you imagine your residence without an overhand* ?

Certainly not! Because rain, snow and dirt from the roof would fall directly on the walls, doors and windows, which would require even more rigorous maintenance!

In addition, by keeping rainwater and dirt away from the contour walls of your solarium, the sealants at the base of the solarium will be protected and last longer.

That’s why our solariums all have an overhang of 4″ or more, to facilitate the maintenance of your solarium and thus extend its life! Without forgetting, of course, the aesthetic aspect of the overhang!

Also, for solariums equipped with sash windows, the overhang also offers the advantage of being able to keep the windows ajar, even when it rains!

It’s up to you to enjoy it!

* Overhang: Part of the roof protruding from the wall.

Illustration Corniche
Corniche - SOLARIUM Optimum
Cornice in the rain