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The Options


Options that add to your comfort!

Choice of colors

Choice of colours

Our solariums, awnings, carports and verandas are available in standard colours;

However, it is possible for you to choose a personalized colour, as an option!

Moreover, all colours, standard or customized, are offered with a high-quality finish.

Sash window

The Retractable screen

Exclusive to SOLARIUM Optimum, the retractable screen is our customers favourite option!

The screen rolls inside a compartment at the top of the sash window. When the window is opened, it pulls the sreen mesh down and makes the screen appear.  In the same way, when the window is closed, the screen rolls into the compartment and disappears.

The major advantages of the retractable screen are:

  • In the closed position you get 30% more light and an energy gain of 34%.
  • Not only does the retractable screen stay clean, it does not require any winter storage.
  • A better view to the outside to enjoy the garden, in the comfort of your 3 season solarium.
  • It is flexible! In other words, if an object hits the retractable screen, it will not tear.

Store OptiBLOC

Double opening, OptiBLOC© pleated shades. 

OptiBLOC© pleated shades are the essential solution to protect yourself from the sun.

They are made of a multilayer material, making it possible to reflect heat, reduce the sun’s rays by 98% and to resist UV rays. Your comfort is guaranteed, even during heat wave!

As the opening can be done from both sides and the OptiBLOC© pleated shades are equipped with an integrated brake system, you will finally be able to make the most of the light while being protected from the sun’s rays!

Compatible for all brands of solariums with glass roof.


The Transoms

All of our models of SunLOFT 3-season solarium models, offer as an option, the possibility of adding transoms, if necessary.

Screen door

The Screen Door

An optional screen door can be added. It will be installed inside the solarium.
It is also universal and can therefore be installed easily.

    Solarium Lighting system

    LED lighting

    LED lighting system, installed on the structure of your solarium, awning or carport. High density lighting of 3000K, with intensity adjustable by dimmer, to suit your desired atmosphere.

    Do you need an extension to your balcony, a new deck, railing, post or stairs when installing your solarium ?

    We offer you a turnkey solution!

    Turnkey option

    We offer a railing collection made entirely of aluminum and covered with a maintenance-free and resistant baked enamel paint finish, to preserve the original colour.
    With a choice of:

    • Spindles
    • Handrails
    • Posts

    Various dimensions and heights.
    Choice of colours


    The handrails are made of extruded aluminum with a high-quality baked enamel finish. They are custom-made, according to your dimensions and are offered in a choice of colours and models.


    The posts are made of extruded aluminum profiles with a baked enamel finish. Some parts and accessories, such as post caps, are made of PVC.


    Each spindles is made of a single piece of extruded aluminum with a baked enamel finish. They are custom-made to fit perfectly with the dimensions of your aluminum railing and are available in a choice of colours and models.

    Ask your SOLARIUM Optimum expert to see the offered models!