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Customer satisfaction!

At SOLARIUM Optimum, we reward our customers!

Customer satisfaction - FIDELITY Optimum
SOLARIUM Optimum Customers satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Program

Optimum LOYALTY!

You are satisfied with your SOLARIUM Optimum products?
Optimum LOYALTY is a customer satisfaction program, aimed at thanking our customers and our dealers customers, who refer us to another customer, acquiring a solarium, an awning or a SOLARIUM Optimum carport .

To begin with, simply fill out the form below, indicating the contact details of your reference and attach your contract number and / or name of the distributor, as proof of purchase, to obtain your reward of $ 100 or $ 200, depending on the option chosen!

Terms of Use:

  • There is no limit on the number of eligible references. However, only one reward is eligible per reference.
  • Therefore, the solarium purchased by the reference must be delivered and paid in full.
  • Relatives, friends and employees of dealers are not eligible for the program.

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