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The Art of Living Outdoors

with SOLARIUM Optimum!

We offer a unique range of products in the world of 3-season rooms, such as 3-season solariums, awnings and permanent carports with glass roof guaranteed for life*, verandas and more!

Our products will charm you, whether you’re seeking a relaxing place to enjoy each season sheltered from mosquitoes and bad weather, an awning to protect you during rainy days, or a carport to simplify your life during winter. Our structure is designed for Canadian winters, withstands snow loads without action on your part, and protects your belongings from snow and rain!

A lightweight and durable structure!

All solarium models, awnings and carports have an extruded aluminum frame and a clean line structure giving them an attractive style. Our rooms comply with the  National Building Code. The roofs are made of safety tempered glass and the walls are glazed with a flexible elastomer** with molecular memory.

In addition, our models can be installed on most balconies, terraces as well as concrete surfaces, asphalt etc.

Our models can be installed on most balconies and terraces, on concrete surfaces and asphalt.
With SOLARIUM Optimum products, you get a quality and safe product, where you can enjoy a haven of peace and serenity, while inviting nature into your home, rain or shine!

A limited lifetime warranty (all details in store)
Elastic polymer that has the property of regaining its shape after stretching.

Solarium Optimum Produit of Quebec

Solarium Optimum now holds the prestigious Quebec Product Certification Mark for its 3-season solariums, permanent awnings, carports and veranda walls!

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A permanent carport with glass roof guaranteed for life*, to avoid the huge costs of building a garage as an addition to your home. The installation is simple, fast, requires no major work in your yard and will be installed in 1 or 2 days.



The biggest benefits to remember

at SOLARIUM Optimum, are:

• An extruded aluminum structure, in accordance with the National Building Code;
• The overhang that protects the walls and eases their maintenance;
• The tempered glass roof with a limited lifetime warranty;
• Lightweight  walls made of flexible elastomer with molecular memory, providing better resistance;
• The retractable screen option, provides clear vision and ease of maintenance.

Enjoy the outdoors sheltered from bad weather and mosquitoes,

with a SunLOFT© 3-season solarium!