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The hybrid, light and versatile 3-season solarium!

Solarium Optimum

A modular concept

Most handymen will appreciate our versatile modular concept that is simple to install in just 1 or 2 days! To start, all of our roof and wall/window modules are manufactured and pre-assembled at the factory to ensure exceptional manufacturing quality of our products. The modules unite using stylized moldings with a simple “click”.

An instruction manual and video are available to guide you and, if necessary, our team of experts can offer support by advising you.

With needs that evolve over time, know that our products can evolve and can either be enlarged, modified or relocated without difficulty!Permanent awning

Our modular concept also makes it possible to install roof modules only, thus forming a permanent glass awning, the SkyLOFT©.

With an exceptional longevity, your SkyLOFT© will be bright as needed or shaded when combined with our OptiBLOC© pleated shades, integrated with our glass roof modules that are guaranteed for life!

Our hybrid structure and concept, the best of both worlds!

The Structure

Our hybrid structure, made of aluminum and PVC is engineer-approved to withstand snow loads, While achieving a neat finish!

Elastomer Wall

To meet our high quality standards, we have developed a unique recipe at Solarium Optimum for the ingredients that make up our elastomer. This has the advantage of being flexible enough to withstand ground movement, if necessary, which is not the case for a lateral glass wall. This important feature allows us to install our Solarium Optimum products on almost any types of terraces! In addition, the molecular memory of our elastomer allows it to withstand both cold and UV rays. In addition to being non-flammable, it contains a protective fungicide to maximize its lifespan. A 10-year pro-rated warranty applies.


Glass roof with overhang

In terms of safety, our tempered glass roofs represent the most durable and resistant product on the market. For added comfort, our standard tinted glass include protection against damaging UV rays. All of our glass roofs come with our Limited LIFETIME WARRANTY.

The overhang is another exclusive advantage of Solarium Optimum. Whether it is for the cleanliness of the wall modules or to allow the opening of your windows in rainy weather, the overhang will make all the difference!

Single hung window

The type of window used is of an inverted single hung style. The window opens from the top towards the bottom exactly where the hot air is located. The window acts like a chimney.

It thus eliminates direct drafts, which can sometimes be cold in spring and fall. The opening and locking system allows proper sliding operation even if the ground or floor moves.

It is equipped with a fixed (standard) or retractable screen (optional).

Retractable Screen! (optional)

Our single hung window with the retractable screen, an exclusivity in the market, is undoubtedly a customer-favourite!

The screen disappears when needed, providing better vision and staying cleaner. The single hung window offers an opening from above. The hot air can easily be evacuated and thus allow a better rotation of the ambient air.

The side lock allow for all opening grades, according to the needs of the moment!

Sash window

Universal door

Our modular concept allows for a versatilethe installation of the door in a versatile way, to one  section or another without constraint: either on the front or on the sides, or opening on the left or right.

Screen door (optional)

The sliding screen door is installed inside the solarium. and it is sliding style. It is universal and can be easily installed.

The Overhang

The overhang is another exclusive advantage of SOLARIUM Optimum. Whether for the cleanliness of the wall modules or to allow the opening of your windows in rainy weather, the overhang will make all the difference!

The roof modules of the solarium protrude beyond the walls by about 5” (127mm) creating an overhang. This allows you to leave the windows open when it rains. It keeps rainwater away, facilitates and reduces maintenance, and is aesthetically pleasing.

The Corniche Solarium Optimum

Protect your investment with our maintenance products

Opti VISION and OptiLUB !

Maintenance products designed specifically for your solarium, but also useful for the maintenance of your home, vehicles etc.


OptiVISION Cleaner


It cleans and shines elastomer and glass. OptiVISION cleaner also cleans PVC, aluminum, ceramics, windows, mirrors, windshields and more. Moreover, it leaves no residue, wiping is fast, non streaking and it leaves a fresh fragrance. Furthermore, this product is free of the ammonia that is harmful to elastomer or polymer.

Light and regular maintenance will increase the life of your 3-season solarium.


OptiLUB Lubricant


Not only will OptiLUB lubricant extend their service life, it will also maintain the optimal functioning proper functioning of your solarium shades, doors, windows and retractable screen.

Besides, it eliminates the sticking of drawers, windows, doors, retractable screen, zippers, locks, etc. As it also eliminates, the squeaking of hinges, locks, springs, etc. Not to mention that it delays corrosion and protects battery terminals and tools, helping to prevent the accumulation of grass, dirt and mud on mowers, as well as the accumulation of snow on shovels.

Dries quickly, leaves no greasy or oily film, resistant to water, oil or solvents.

It is thermostable. It will not freeze or melt.

Automotive lubricant:

Lubricates the window channels, doors, weather stripping, trunk seals, undercarriage, rubber mounting, as well as emergency brakes, pedal shafts, car seat adjustment mechanisms. But still, it eliminates squeaks from fan belts and prevents battery terminals from corrosion. Waterproofs the ignition system, as well as hinges, springs and casters.

Cleaning products for solarium