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Quality and Warranty of our Solariums built in comformity with
the National Building Code!

SOLARIUM Optimum Quality and Warranty

Optimum Quality!

Our 3-season solarium, SunLOFT©, SkyLOFT© permanent awning, CarPORT car shelter and  Veranda, are mass-produced modular products. However, whether it is for a customized or standard project, we go through each stage of manufacturing through a strict and meticulous quality control.

In addition, each of the assembly steps, we carry out a double check before moving on to the next one.

And finally, we carry out a last verification during the packaging. As a result, we have very little service to perform for our products. Moreover, this is an important element to consider when buying a solarium product, because the after-sales service of products can be expensive.

At the cutting edge of technology, our research and development center ensures the best components for all SOLARIUM Optimum products.

Our Warranty

Ultimately, all of our solariums, awnings, carports and verandas are backed by our 10-year pro-rated warranty, as well as the glass on the roof comes with a limited lifetime warranty (see details in store).

Solariums Approved by National Building Code

Security and peace of mind.

Sleep peacefully, as the wind blows rain or snow-filled clouds overhead. All of our 3-season solariums are manufactured in accordance with the National Building Code.

What does that mean? It means that our solariums are built to Canadian construction standards for our winter, snow and wind loads.

All of our products, 3-season solarium, awning, carport and veranda, are subject to a rigorous quality control.

Our roofs are made of safety tempered glass and the roof structure of our solariums, is a 4-season solarium structure, There is no need to add winter support posts.

Patented solariums, made in Quebec, our products are certified “Produits du Québec”. Certified Product of Quebec