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IsoLOFT isolation panels

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IsoLOFT 32 x 42 self-supporting insulation panels

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The Solarium Optimum team has put its expertise to the benefit of public health by designing an innovative modular system of sanitary insulation panels, also called protective screens, serving as a protective screen to set up in a few minutes, a protected isolation area for essential services staff and their clientele.

The hybrid structure of our insulation panels is composed of aluminum, PVC and elastomer.

An economical alternative to plexiglass panels for countertops and cash registers!

We also offer isolation shutters, partitions or protective screens, suspended or self-supporting that adapt to supermarket checkout counters, service counters, courtesy counters, reception counters and other types of applications that require a partition so that one is separated and isolated from the public.

Division, Protective panel, Temporary or permanent wall

Our protection panels and divisions adapt to all types of waiting rooms of clinics, hospitals, blood test clinics (e.g. red cross) and all rooms that must accommodate several people at once. These protective panels can be transported, moved and installed permanently or temporarily and then reassembled in a different configuration.

In general, no need to screw to the floor. They are easy to maintain, more aesthetic and economical than plexiglass panels, acrylic panels or other types of protective partitions.

The installation and dismantling of the protective panels is done in just a few minutes and all modules are compatible with your situation/installation. IsoLOFT insulation panels are lightweight (6.8kg each) and easy to maintain. Being translucent, they are safe and practical in order to keep an eye on the occupants, while keeping them isolated.

IsoLOFT isolation panels waiting room
IsoLOFT insulation panels at Desjardins
IsoLOFT isolation panels multiple layouts

Several configurations of IsoLOFT isolation panels are possible and availability is excessively fast.

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Here are some projects including the Montreal Heart Institute and the City of Montreal.